Linda Sadler, Psy.D., L​LC


I provide talk therapy and use techniques appropriate for each individual client. I often use an insight oriented approach and incorporate cognitive behavioral techniques to help clients change their behavior. I strongly believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship to provide the support and impetus for change. It is critical to have a trusting relationship with your therapist who has skills and experience to help.

Psychotherapy is a process by which you can learn about yourself, your relationships, behavior, and the choices you make. You will develop insight into the thoughts and feelings that influence your behaviors. You then can change those behaviors that are interfering in your ability to lead a more happy, successful or fulfilling life. With guidance and support, you will be able to choose a more positive path to find fulfillment in your work and relationships.

Students especially can be stressed by high expectations, unrelenting homework and demanding extra curricular activities. Social media and the internet can also hugely impact stress and mood. The stress may lead to anxiety and depression. Some handle their anxiety or depression by avoidance and procrastination that may result in a cycle leading to underachievement, extreme frustration, family conflict, sleep problems, disordered eating and other dysfunctional symptoms. I will help you to understand the basis for your behavior, learn the skills and strategies to cope with anxiety or depression and make healthy choices that will be more productive.