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Coordination of Services

I have extensive training and experience in psychological, psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluation, and I am able to guide families as they work with an evaluator through the process of testing. I work closely with families during the initial phase of testing to be sure their concerns and questions will be answered through the evaluation. I can interpret the scores from these evaluations to help families understand the results and follow through on the evaluator's recommendations. I often work closely with neuropsychologists throughout the testing process and then help to implement their recommendations both at home and in school. I also provide psychoeducation to families to help them understand, strategize and cope when an evaluation results in a diagnosis of a learning disability, or a mood, attention, anxiety or other disorder.

Clients also may work with psychiatrists who prescribe medication, and I help in monitoring a client's response to medication and coordinating care. Some clients have a variety of support providers, such as tutors, occupational and speech therapists. I am able to act as a central coordinator so that we will work as an effective team. 

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